Medicare Supplement

Medicare Advantage Plans

Like the idea of bundled Medicare options, but feeling intimidated by the individual components?  Trust your Jefferson Insurance Group representative to help you understand the options and select the best plan for your individual needs.

Medicare Advantage Plans – also known as “Part C” or “MA Plans” – are a comprehensive alternative to original Medicare that are bundled with Medicare Part A (hospital insurance), Part B (medical insurance) and often, Part D (prescription drug plans). The health plans are offered by private companies contracting with Medicare.

If you’re interested in exploring the convenience of Medicare Advantage Plans, take the first step by contacting Jefferson Insurance Group. We’ll explain the different aspects of each Medicare component to help you find the right fit for you.

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Medicare Prescription Drug Plans

The “Part D” of Medicare – prescription drug plans – is an important part of the overall Medicare process. The experts at Jefferson Insurance Group take the time to understand your needs to help you select the right coverage.

Finding the right Medicare prescription drug plan for your needs doesn’t need to be confusing – it just needs to be right. We first provide a full review of your prescription drug plan options during the initial enrollment period, and then again each year during open enrollment (typically Oct. 15 – Dec. 7). Why? Because we realize that plans aren’t the only things that can change – people change, too! By carefully reviewing each client’s prescription drug plan on an annual basis, we make sure that you have the most cost-efficient plan based on your prescriptions and your budget.

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Medicare Supplement

Navigating through Medicare supplement insurance options can be challenging with so many options and choices. Let the experts at Jefferson Insurance Group help you find a plan that best meets your needs – and your budget.

Medicare supplement insurance (sometimes referred to as “Medigap”) is available to those age 65 and over (as well as younger people with certain disabilities) who qualify for Medicare. Medicare by itself has a high deductible for hospital admissions and only pays, at most, 80 percent of eligible doctor costs. A serious illness could impact your financial security. A Medicare Supplement policy covers some of the costs that Medicare alone doesn’t, such as copayments, coinsurance and deductibles.

At Jefferson Insurance Group, our agents are caring, patient and committed to helping you understand all aspects of the Medicare insurance process. And, since we contract with numerous carriers, you can be sure you’ll find the best plan to help you manage your health care costs. Let Jefferson Insurance Group help you sort through the numerous Medicare Supplement options to find one that  best meets your specific needs. We can also help you choose a Medicare Prescription Drug plan for your specific medication requirements.

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