MedCierge App

Now Available!

The Jefferson Insurance Group proudly recommends MedCierge, a consumer support app that helps businesses and consumers save money, time and frustration when using the health care system. The app makes it easy to get help by putting a simple menu of options in one place.

MedCierge is not health insurance or a health insurance replacement, but it is a valuable supplement for non-emergency health care needs. Whether it’s talking to a doctor, finding the cost for care or getting help with a claim/billing issue, MedCierge connects the user quickly with the live help they need. You can connect with a live expert who will work to solve your health care needs. Other benefits include:

On-the-go assistance: Heading out on vacation? Frequent traveler for work? MedCierge is a great tool to help you avoid costly trips to the ER or urgent care if you’re out of town.

Time saver: The MedCierge app reduces the need for taking days off or missing work for simple health concerns like a cold or flu. Plus, you’ll reduce your risk of catching other contagious illnesses while sitting in a waiting room! You can even video chat with doctor for common skin issues like rashes.

Treat it early: Don’t risk worsening your condition by putting off medical treatment. The MedCierge app is a convenient away to get timely medical treatment so you can feel better sooner.

The MedCierge app is available for both Apple and Android smartphones. {Click here} to apply for this service, then follow the steps to download the app.